Monday, August 27, 2012


Where to start with Willy?

Even though he has been with us for a long time now, I have never actually lived in the house at the same time as him.

How does that happen?

Well, I adored him when he was on the street.  He is so sweet and quiet.  You will never find him fighting or arguing.   He makes good choices.  A fairly easy kid.

When I left Uganda in September last year, he was still on the streets.  John, Richard, and Ibra were in boarding school.  I asked a friend to look after them in school and if I didn't make it back by the end of the term, they were going to stay with him until I got back.  Julius and Tom already stayed with him, Tom going to school and Julius helping make beads.  He was an uncle at the programs so he knew all of the boys well.  He loved Willy a lot, so after a short while we decided that he should ask Willy to live with him until I got back so he didn't have to stay on the streets anymore.

Of course Willy accepted and went to stay with him.  Not long after, we offered the boys to return to their villages for a visit.  Willy wanted to go see his family and left.  He was only supposed to be gone for a short time, but he stayed gone a long time.  He kind of went missing actually.  We couldn't get a hold of him or track down where he went.  When we finally found him, I offered to pay his school fees in the village but he insisted that he wanted to return, he couldn't stay with his family.  He made plans to return but he never showed up.  His father wouldn't let him leave or go to school in the village.  He wanted him there to work and take care of his family.  He is 13.

The other boys started asking about him.  Why he wasn't back.  If he was ever coming back.  And I actually didn't have an answer.  We waited and waited and waited.  School started and he wasn't back.  He kept saying he was returning, he never did.

He finally returned after I left.

He started school last term and performed well.  He is back in the village now again.  He would really rather live there than with us.  But it isn't possible.  His dad is a really difficult person.  He is nice only for so long.  That is when Willy decides to come back.  He is the only sibling that actually still communicates with their father.  I hope his father's heart continues to soften.  I hope Willy will be able to reunite completely with his family.  He is part of our family but it is more important for him to be a part of his own.

Please be praying for Willy and his father.  I know he wants to be in the village and I would love if he could be.

Meet Willy!

When he was still on the street

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