Thursday, April 28, 2011


Richard.  I don't know when he captured my heart but it is definitely his.  He smiles and could ask me for the moon and I would definitely tell him, "ok I will get it for you."  He tells me he loves me and I melt and cannot imagine loving anyone more than I love him...

But then there is Emmanuel John and I love him just as much.  He looks at me with his mischievous smile whenever I catch him doing something he shouldn't, and it is difficult to be mad.  Every time I see him with food, he offers to share and entrusts me with the responsibility of keeping his money.  He isn't as affectionate but his small gestures say it all to me.  He came from so far away and I wonder how he made it.  I wonder how they all made it....

I cannot forget about Ibra.  Dr. Ibra.  He has his issues and sometimes frustrates me SOOO much, but I love him all the same.  He has been sick the last few days.  His toe is very infected, so I have been taking him to the clinic.  The time together has only endeared him to me even more.

Gabriel.  Temperamental Gabriel.  He is making such better choices for himself but still isn't there yet, he will be though.  He can be the sweetest kid.  On several occasions, he will do the dishes after eating without being asked.  He wants to help and takes joy in it.

There is Derrick.  Such a cute kid.  Very reserved and difficult to connect with but once you do, you see his funny side and he just makes you laugh.  He was given a new pair of tennis shoes a few sundays ago.  Instead of selling them like most of the kids would, he washes them almost daily and at times even walks barefoot just so he won't ruin them.

There is also..
Simon, the little ninja always dressed in camo.
Tom, the crazy kid that tells me to be steady and karate chops everything.
Peter, the boy that is so smart and knows the Bible so well.
Dunkan, the boy that willingly cuts bunches of onions and jokes around so much.
Wasswa, the most talkative and mischievous boy you will ever meet but with the biggest smile you can hardly shout at him and will share his food with the little puppies around.
Nathan, so quiet you almost forget he is there but you can't because he is so sweet.
Michael, so smart and well behaved and always wanting to participate in class/devotions/whenever.
Kasime, his smile could definitely kill you and he loves joking around with me so much, telling me he will beat me (he never would) and laughs hysterically if I chase him trying to beat him.
Ronald, the boy that I am sure has no idea how much I love him.  He is too busy being tough and acting grown up to notice, but then he has moments where he takes joy in being a kid or comes out of nowhere to say hi and I think he knows.
Mukasa, always wanting to take me to get a boda or play around.

So many kids.  All that I love so much.  All so different.  All with a story.  All on the street.

My boda driver told me the other day, "Wow, those kids really love you! They never want you to leave."  I told him I felt the same and we spent the rest of the ride home talking about all of the boys.  But it made me think.  How did I get to be so lucky to have so many amazing kids love me?  I am not sure but I know I am one of the luckiest people in the world because of it...

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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Thin line

Well it finally moment where I was hating Africa.  He told me it would happen, and I didn't believe him, but it happened...

and then God showed me His love and mercy and every ounce of annoyance disappeared.  

Being an outsider is not always easy.  I don't understand the language, many things about the culture, I can't find/do/have things I used to enjoy, and sometimes I feel like a circus freak.  People shouting muzungu(white person) from where ever they are, dozens of times a day, does not make me feel good.  On the contrary, it only reminds me how much of an outsider I really am, and no matter how much I try otherwise, I will never completely fit into this society.  People will always see me as a muzungu first and everything else will be second.  And piled on top of other things that have happened this week, I was near a mental breakdown by midday yesterday, and then I almost died...

When I left my house yesterday, all my normal boda drivers were gone.  They over charge me, but I like them because they always understand me and get me where ever I need to go safely.  Since they were not around, I had to find one moving on the street.  It took 3 tries to find one that spoke English well enough to understand where I wanted to go.  We were moving along fine and then we came to an intersection.  I look up at this HUGE blue truck moving towards us, look at the passenger and think it is going to stop but it didn't.  Time kind of froze for a minute, as did the truck, and then it was moving very fast.  I remember thinking, oh no this is going to hurt and then the truck hit us.  It hit the back of the bike where I was sitting, touching my arm.  I thought we were going down, I braced for hitting the ground and waited...

When I finally opened my eyes, we were stopped in middle of road, but still on the boda and unhurt.  I think the driver was just as shocked as me, he just sat there for a minute until other people started shouting at him to go.  The truck hit us hard, we should've been on the ground, seriously hurt.

But we were fine because God was with us...He protected me and kept me safe, just as He promised.  I used to tell people that I have no reason to fear.  I did not think God brought me all the way to Africa to kill me, turns out, yesterday I was right...

I am serving an awesome God, that is merciful and loving, and there is no place or work I would rather be doing.  I am over my mood and am back to loving Uganda.  After all, it is where He wants me...

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God bless!  :-)