Friday, March 11, 2011

The last will be the first...

Yesterday was such a promising, heartbreaking.

Yesterday I went to a meeting with others whose hearts are on fire for street kids.  They had brilliant ideas as to how to help them and get them off of the streets and I really had hope and was so excited to see what all the new programs would bring.  Mostly, I was just excited to get to spend more time with the boys.

Today I woke up to a familiar voice outside of my room but couldn't place it.  Didn't pay any attention  but when I finally went outside I was greeted with the sad news that one of the kids from the program was killed earlier in the morning.  His nickname was Owino.  I didn't know him well, but I knew him, he was always around.  I don't think it matters that I wasn't super close to him, but the injustice of his untimely death still stings.  You see, he was out collecting scrap to sell so he could get some money to eat when something began chasing him (dogs, people, not really sure) so he ran and that is when a car/truck hit him.  He was 12 years old.

As if that didn't weigh my heart down enough, I found out later that the police have really been harassing the other boys and the police have told the pastor not to allow us to use the church or else they will beat the kids and arrest us.  So now, mere days before we were going to expand the programs, they have been forced to stop.

But God is good and His heart is hurting for these boys so I know he will provide a way...until then, keep them in your prayers.  With the redo of the elections coming up on Monday, there are sure to be more riots and lucky for the boys, they always start very close to the area where they stay.

Owino is on the bottom row, second boy from the left with the boy in white on his right.
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  1. That breaks my heart Amanda. You're right God will provide a way! Keep up the inspiring work



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