Sunday, November 13, 2011

God moments

Some times there are moments where the only explanation is they were God given.  Today I was lucky enough to have 2...

I went to a craft bazaar at a church today that I had never been to.  I saw the sign advertising "vendors wanted" so I decided to call for information a few weeks back.  Today was the day of the show and I was all prepared to sell the jewelry.  All day I had in my mind a set number that i wanted to sell, so I prayed throughout the day that God would just keep bringing people to my table.  With only about 45 minutes left, I was $50 dollars from my goal, and most of the customers had gone.  I prayed again and waited. When it seemed that I was not going to sell anything else I thought, "God, what happened?  I thought we were selling $500 today." A lady that had a booth and came by earlier to chat walked by and said bye shortly after and started heading out the door, when she STOPPED, TURNED AROUND, CAME BACK, and handed me $40 and told me it was for the kids and I should be encouraged.  I definitely was...

Last week, I contacted a church here that has a heart for Africa and the mission pastor told me I should check out a service and then give him a call and we could chat.  I decided that I would check it out tonight.  It was very different than any service I have ever been to, but I took away something very important.  The pastor made the point that Jesus never performed a miracle for someone that wasn't willing to ask for it.  He talked about the man with the deformed hand in the temple.  Jesus asked him to stand up, which would have shown everyone that his hand was not right.  He had a choice to make, either stand up and show everyone what was wrong with him and admit he needed help or stay seated.  Because he stood up, he was healed.  He admitted he needed a miracle and Jesus performed one.

Made me think, maybe the reason that I don't have all of the sponsors and support I need is because it will take a miracle to get them and I haven't admitted that I need a miracle before.  So here I am, admitting that I need a miracle...

God, I need a miracle. You have known it all along, but I finally just realized that I needed to ask.  I am ready to ask for it. I am standing up and admitting that I cannot do it without You, You are the only one that can provide for these boys.  I pray that just as you healed that man's hand when he stood up, You would hear my cries and see me standing and would work a miracle for these boys, that I love so much, and provide all of the support that is needed, so they never have to spend another night on the streets.  I ask this in Your name, Amen

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