Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Number 22

Meet Abraham!

This is Abraham.  He officially joined us on Friday last week, but has been staying at the house for about a month now.

I know without a doubt Abraham is supposed to be with us.  How?  I was leaving Arizona to come back to Indiana about a month ago.  I don't get internet on my phone unless there is wi-fi.  Most airports don't have free wi-fi.  I almost didn't check to see if there was wi-fi, but as I sat at the gate I felt like I should try.  What do you know?  I could get on the internet.  Coincidence?  I think not!  So I checked Facebook and saw a plea for help from a friend.  He was asking for someone to take Abraham in until he could get better.  He was really sick and not doing well.  I found the friend on chat and asked a few questions and immediately offered help.

Just like with Jimmy, I extended the help knowing I couldn't send him away after he had been at the house.  All of my fears quickly disappeared, and I anxiously awaited a response to see if Abraham made it to the house.  He finally did the next day.  It took him a couple of weeks to recover, so we all agreed it wouldn't be ok to send him back to the streets.

Last Friday was the first time I got to talk to him.  I was impressed with his English and how polite he was.  I asked him many questions and found out a lot about him.  When I asked him if he wanted to live in the home and go back to school he was so excited.  When I told him he had sponsors and would get to write them letters, he squealed!  He giggled and I could hear the happiness in his voice.  I imagine his face looked a bit like the smiling face above.  He told me how happy he was because he never had a chance to have a sponsor before.

I can't wait to get back to Uganda and actually meet him.  When I asked him if we knew each other, he told me I have seen your photos.  I can already tell he is going to fit in around here.

Some basic info:  He is 17, finished secondary 2, wants to be a lawyer, loves to sing, and left home 5 years ago.

P.S.  The photo was taken last Thursday when the friend that asked for help for him saw him in the city on his way to buy new clothes.  A huge thank you goes out to SIR CASE!  They sent their first donation from the first two cases they sold about a week and a half ago.  That allowed all of the boys to get new clothes.

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