Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Every thing is going to be okay

Everything is going to be fine.

Everything is going to work out. 

We will look back in 10 years and laugh.

Everyone is going to be fine.

We are going to make it through.

These are all things that I tell myself, every day.  Even when I don’t believe them, I still tell myself.  Because I have to believe them.  I have to make it through to the next day.  I have to have hope.

Some days, I don’t know what is going on.  I just found a quote last week that said when your kids are teenagers you have to have a dog so someone will be happy to see you.  It is true.  The dogs, one in particular, are always the happiest to see me.  I was even teasing the boys of the exact thing a few days before I found the quote.  I was telling them that the dog was my best friend and the only one that is ever happy to see me.  They laughed and told me I was crazy. 

Crazy?  Some days.  Maybe.

Teenagers are crazy and unpredictable.  I never know what is going to make them angry.  They are unreasonable and irrational.  Try talking sense to them and you will want to cut your arm off instead because it might be less painful.

But then…

There are moments of pure bliss, where everyone is happy and smiling and laughing and finally everything is right in the world.  You think to yourself, “Life can’t get any better than this.”  You see the sun rise and set in their smiles and you realize you were all created for this moment, for this time and God brought you together for moments like these.

Having fun at Moses' birthday party
Moses with the statues outside of our church

Richard and me.  Like the necklace?  It is going to be on our  Etsy page next week.  Check out the other new jewelry the boys have been working on also.  
Sylvester at the beach when Jenna's parents came.  He still needs 3 sponsors so he can officially join the home.  Will you say "YES!" and give him a future?  Visit www.lot2545.org/donations for more info. 

Playing at the beach

Jacob at home

Playing at the beach
Moses, one of the newest boys at the house.  He still needs 2 sponsors.  Will you be the  one to change his life and help send him back to school?  Visit www.lot2545.org/donations for more info.

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