Friday, February 7, 2014

Full circle

Four years ago, in walked a girl to my Spanish class to talk about El Salvador.  But because God is good and His plans are infinitely better than mine, my life changed that day.  Plans were put into motion that I didn't even have a heart for.  It wasn't just my life that changed that day, but many.

What happened next found me emailing strangers asking if I could come and visit them in Uganda.

All because of one girl, her willingness to share her stories and experiences, and contacts.

Truth is I don't even remember what she said to me.  But it must have been magical because by the end of that summer I was quitting my job and preparing to leave.  Everything that has happened since that day, has been a result of meeting her.  Had we never met, I doubt I would be where I am now.

Of all of the ND students that could have come, God sent her.  There is no other explanation than Divine Intervention.

And now, here we are so many years later...

For the past 5 months, it was her that was living at the home and helping.  Life came full circle.  She gave me the idea and I ran with it. She came to see what she had inspired.

This week she had to leave suddenly and go back to the US 4 months ahead of schedule.  In the 5 months she was here, the boys fell in love with her totally and completely.  She taught them so many things and loved them completely.  She mended broken hearts in ways that I couldn't.   She was the friend that I desperately needed.  Someone that I can talk to honestly about these boys, my frustrations and feelings and know that the boys won't be judged negatively because she knows them and loves them too.  A friend to just do life with, so I am not alone in a house of stinky, teenage boys.  Someone that understands the insanity of my life, because it was hers for a time also.  Someone that got my jokes and we could laugh until we cried over the absurdity of nothing and everything.  Someone that appreciated the small victories with me and pained over the failures.

Most importantly, she proved that these boys are changing.  I never thought that there would be a day when they opened up and let someone else in.  But they did.  As she told us she was leaving, I watched the boys' hearts break.   While you never want to see your kids' hearts break, it brought relief, but then fear.  I watched a boy that used to be cold and distant, not letting anyone in, cry as he told her he was going to miss her.  I watched a boy hide under the table so no one could see him cry.  They felt something.  They let themselves love.  For these boys that is HUGE.  Proof that they are changing and things are going to be ok.

It isn't often in life that we get to see it come full circle.  But here it did.  In Uganda.  And I don't doubt that it will keep spiraling back around and around.

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