Saturday, November 21, 2015

Prayer requests for women

Prayer requests for the women:

Rose Kirungi:  

  • Her son, Daniel, just sat for his Senior 6 exams.  They are the last exam to pass high school.  Pray that he passed them well.  He was also having some stomach issues and wasn’t feeling so great so pray for his health.
  • Her mom is still sick.  She spends most of her time caring for her mom.  This makes it difficult to work, as her mom can’t be left alone.  Pray for healing for her mom.
  • Pray for God to continue to provide all of her family’s needs:  rent, food, school fees, etc.
  • She is also dreaming to buy a plot of land and build a small house for her family so they can move out of the slums.  Pray that she would be able to do so.
  • Rose also asks for prayers for their group so that they can continue to work together and make jewelry and for the market for the jewelry to expand.


  • Joy is still sick and having lots of health issues since an accident about a year ago.  Pray for her health and healing, and that God would continue to provide for all of her family’s needs.
  • Joy is wanting to start a small business to better care for her family.  She is asking for prayers to find the capital to start and for a successful business.
  • She also asks for prayers for the women as they are making the jewelry and for the market to expand.


  • Jolly asks for prayers for her family and her life.  That they would be in a good life, with all of their needs met and to be able to continue to send her children to school so their lives will improve.
  • She asks for prayers for her children to be successful in their studies and continue to have a desire to learn and go to school.
  • Her grandmother is not feeling well and she asks for prayers for her health and healing.


  • Beatrice asks for prayers for her family, for safety, health, provision, and overall well being.
  • She also asks for prayers for God to continue to provide school fees for her 3 children so they can continue with their education.
  • Her mom is not feeling well and she asks for prayers for health and healing for her mom.  Her mom has been sick for a while and the doctors are having a difficult time treating her.  She goes to the national hospital where the lines are long, but care is free.  Also pray for the doctors that treat her.
  • Beatrice has problems with her eyes and her vision.  They are bothering her more recently.  She asks for prayers for them.
  • She would love for her business to expand.  Please pray for a more successful business for her.
  • She is wanting to complete building her home.  She asks for prayers in completing it.


  • Jennifer asks for prayers in completing the building for her house.  She wants to be able to move her family out of the slum.
  • Next year her second born child should be joining a course to gain a skill that will lead to employment.  She asks for prayers as she joins and provision to pay the course fees.
  • She lost the job that she had, as they no longer needed her, so she is asking for prayers as she seeks new employment.
  • She asks for her youngest daughter to perform well in school and continue to have the desire for studying and for her to focus.
  • Her daughters, Mary and Jennifer, are still having health issues and she asks for prayers for their health and healing.

PS.  If you want a simple way to help the women, consider hosting a jewelry party or joining the monthly jewelry club.  Follow the links for more info or send us an email at with any questions.  In addition, if you know a store that would love to carry our jewelry line, please let us know!  We are looking for a few retailers to carry the jewelry, either wholesale or consignment.

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