Tuesday, December 29, 2015


Thank you for teaching people that I love so much that they don’t matter, that their lives in fact are less valuable than that of an attempted murderer and woman-beater.  

Thank you for showing them that justice is never on their side, because of the sins of their fathers.  

Thank you for robbing them of their last bit of hope, the last sliver of good that they could see in the world.

Thank you for showing how easily everything can be bought and sold.  

Thank you for reminding them that they aren’t wanted, and therefore anything can be done to them because who cares about unwanted things?  Do people get upset when trash is burned?  Of course not.  

Thank you for fitting into and personifying every stereotype of your culture.  Maybe they really aren’t stereotypes, but visible cultural characteristics?

I wonder what your children think of you.  I wonder how you look into their eyes, and encourage them to dream and believe that the world is good, when you make the opposite to be true.  I wonder how you can be a father, and look the other way.

Thank you for teaching me that all children are “ours” unless they are on the street, then they are no ones.  

Thank you for teaching me that the worst thing to be in this world is a child on the street.  It is worse than being a murderer, a liar, corrupt, etc.  They steal to eat.  What about you?  They drink and smoke to forget the horrible things done to them.  What about you?

But for all of the lessons that you tried to teach me in those few minutes, seconds actually, I know something completely different to be true.  Maybe you will never learn the lessons that I want, but that doesn’t mean that I will give up teaching.

Because they do matter.  More than you can imagine.  They are my world.  And they are Someone Else’s universe.

Justice will be theirs.  The last will be the first one day.

We have a hope that can never be taken away and I am teaching them about the One that is hope.  Even though you are shouting, He whispers gently and they hear.

I know this is only temporary.  What is good and right cannot be bought and sold.  And even if it was for this moment, I know Good will always win in the end.  

They are wanted.  And even though others are trying to show them differently, I think my love speaks louder than your hate.  Love heals everything.  Love wins.  Every.  Single.  Time.

Even if they are characteristics, there is a generation coming that is tired of the old and wants new.  They believe in love and goodness and treating everyone fairly.  They believe in justice.  And my heart breaks for the children that aren't being raised in such an environment.  Those that are have their work cut out for them.  

But again, Love always wins.

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