Monday, December 13, 2010

Another beautiful day....

Yesterday was such an amazing day!! 

But I should back up some and start from how it all began.  We have found this amazing new church, Streams of Life, right down the street from our house.  It is about a 20 minute walk.  The pastor is wonderful and so wise and they reached out to us a few weeks ago.  The pastor asked if there was some way that he could help us and offered the use of the church van so the boys wouldn't have to walk every Sunday and make it more of a special experience.  Uncle David had the brilliant idea to instead invite the disabled people from our street programs with us and then bring them back to the house for lunch.

So that brings us back to yesterday.  Uncle David and Jaja Gina went to the streets to pick them up and took them to church.  Many of them cannot walk at all and even the pastor helped carry them to their seats.  They saved them seats right in the front and had a boy to translate into their language.  During the service, 3 of the pastors greeted them and welcomed them on several occasions, people from the congregation came over and hugged them and greeted them and made them feel so welcome. 

The best part of the service was after the pastor was done with his sermon, he asked if anyone wanted to give their lives to the Lord and receive Him in their hearts and 2 of the ladies went forward!!!!!  It was such a beautiful day. After spending more and more time with them, I am not sure who is benefiting more from the interactions, me or them....I am pretty sure it is me though.

God bless

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