Saturday, December 4, 2010

Only the good....

So much has happened since my last post....I have fallen in love with Africa.  It is a beautiful place and it doesn't get the credit it deserves.  All the media ever focuses on is the bad...the wars, the poverty, AIDS, etc.  Don't get me wrong, those are huge problems and the people need help to solve them but there are also beautiful people, doing beautiful things every day, and you never hear about it.  I think if people heard more of the good things, people would want to do more.  When you only hear about the bad, it seems a bit overwhelming and useless to even try and help because you wonder what the point is.  So I am only going to focus on only the good things that have happened....

First, I have never seen anything more beautiful than an African sunset.  If you have heard anything about African skies, you can't imagine how beautiful it is, no matter where you are from.  Every night, the sun doesn't disappoint.  It leaves the sky in a beautiful way and then the moon comes out and there are soooo many stars that are so clear and bright.  It is absolutely amazing.  I can't wait until I get the chance to go to the village or the grasslands so the city lights aren't spoiling it.

Next, all of the boys except one were promoted to the next grade except one.  He needed to be held back so he could catch up and it is a good thing.  Another lady is coming to live at the house and is going to focus on helping the boys with reading so they are going to be caught up in no time.

Also, one of the uncles got his visa to go to the US with Abby so he can help her with talks.  This is going to have a huge impact on their fundraising efforts and the ministry. 

I went and visited a girls' home the other day.  It was a beautiful house, so nice and clean.  The girls seem well cared for and are doing well.  Those are 16 more lives that have been saved from prostitution and it is this generation now that will be the change that Uganda needs. 

There are people here that have dedicated their lives to the children here that are forced to live in the darkest places and they love the children unconditionally and give willingly.  They care for the children when they are hurt, take their drugs, counsel them, feed them, and spend time with them.  They give a but of hope to children that have none.

The people here are so friendly and so welcoming.  I move around town by myself and never once have I felt unsafe.  People want to hear about the US and Obama and compare our societies.  They may have very little or nothing but are not stingy and happy to give everything they do have.  For example, street kids that have nothing want to give you their necklace or share their food with you.  They don't eat on a regular basis, but they are willing to share with someone that they know eats all the time and whenever they want.  They are also willing to help you with anything that you need and not expect anything in return. 

It really is a beautiful place and I can see why people told me that I would never want to leave once I got here.

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