Monday, January 31, 2011

time is money...

Considering the day I have had, it's kind of ironic that yesterday at church the preacher was talking about time.  Actually, he was talking about 3 things that we should be very careful where we place them and will have to account to God for how they were spent.  The first one he mentioned was time, then our money, and our heart.

He mentioned the old cliche, time is money but said no, actually it is more precious than money.  After today, I would have to say I agree....

Time is pretty much irrelevant here and no one is in a hurry for anything.  You get places when you get there, you meet whenever you can, time really has no impact on anything, merely a suggestion and there really are no appointments.  Actually, you can be considered quite rude if you put time before people.  For me, this works out wonderfully because I am perpetually late.  I am pretty sure I will even be late to my own funeral.  I don't know how it happens, but I just cannot be on time for anything, no matter how hard I try.

With that being said, I really hate my time being wasted.  Considering that I make people wait for me constantly, I HATE waiting on others. I know, I know...

So after a day spent waiting, time was on my mind, and all of the things I needed to do today but couldn't because I was waiting. And still am...  I wondered if other people feel as aggravated with me as I felt today.  Hope not because I am sorry to say, Africa is only perpetuating my tardiness and I have no plans to be on time any time soon...  ;-)

Pictures of the last week

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