Monday, January 17, 2011

what is...

This past week, I met an American guy that is living here also.  He is a high school kid, so of course his perspective is a bit different, but he got me thinking...He has been living here about a year, I think he said, his parents are missionaries and help run an orphanage.  Already, his situation is different because it wasn't his choice to come here, like it was mine.  He was telling me that everyone says the 3 month mark of being here(or anywhere away from home) is the hardest and he pretty much has hated it here ever since.  He told me he missed his friends and family back home and I guess just the US in general.  So I started wondering how you could hate this place and started to wonder if the same thing will happen to me...

These past few days have been a little unpleasant with me losing my wallet with everything in it, being sick, getting a black eye, etc. and I must say your first reaction is to blame it on being in Africa, but the truth is those things could have happened regardless of where I was.  I was careless, it was a cold, and the black eye the result of poor judgment in boda drivers (the pink hat should have been an indication :-) ).  If I choose to blame every unfortunate thing that ever happened on being in Africa, yes I think I definitely would hate it. 

I think that places are what you make of them and if you choose to focus on the negative, of course you will hate it.  For me, yes I miss home but I choose to focus on my new home. I am surrounded by wonderful children that are so full of hope, joy, and love that I have all but forgotten about my old home.  I cannot explain the joy that comes from walking into one of the darkest places on Earth and it being lit up by the smile of a child when they see you or hearing a boy scream Auntie Amanda and come running full speed towards you to give you the biggest hug.  Of course, I miss my old friends but I choose to focus on the new friends that I have made that are passionate about the same things as I am and have the same dreams.

I can't imagine ever hating this place and I feel really sorry for him that he does.  Sometimes we are just too focused on what used to be and as a result, are missing everything that is....

Have a blessed week all!  :-)

Some pictures of my last week.

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  1. That's so awesome Amanda! You truly are a giving person and I could never imagine how fulfilling it would feel to do what you do. If I was able to, I would love to be there with you. I also belive that home is wherever you make it to be and if you keep focusing on the negative, then you will end up hating everything around you. It's sad that the boy you met was so focused on his hatred of Africa that he's missing out on all the beauty around him. I miss you but I'm so proud of what you are doing! You inspire me!
    ~Michelle Roberts


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