Wednesday, May 25, 2011


John is a boy that I have fallen in love with.  He isn't the easiest kid and I still don't know how we became friends.   He has been around since the first time I came to the program, but it was months before I knew his name.  He was always clean and never really looked like a street kid.  For street kids, this is a huge accomplishment because normally they are just a moving ball of dirt from looking for scrap(metal/plastic) all day.  He was always just out of reach but close enough so you knew he was around.

These past 2 months, I have really gotten to know John.  He is a cute kid with an even cuter smile.  He is always up to something.  The uncles call him stubborn, and some days I would have to agree.  He is a tough kid and doesn't put up with nonsense from the other boys.  He also isn't very affectionate and so it is difficult to know what he really thinks or feels.  Thankfully he doesn't do drugs :-) but his vice is gambling.  He knows that I don't like it so when I ask him to stop, he usually does.  One day in particular, really confirmed how he felt about me.  He was playing cards with one of the other boys but his back was to where I was standing.  So I just stood there watching until he turned around.  When he did, all I said was John, and he knew what he had done and gave me a sheepish smile, put the cards down and walked away.

He says he is 13 but I think he is closer to 15.  He is the same boy that told me he wanted to be like me when he grew up and help kids.  He is a boy that I gave a chance.

I didn't have anywhere for him to live and he had to have a home before he could go to school.  I asked for help and found a solution.  Unfortunately the solution is the house where it is not funded properly.  He had lived there before and ran away and I was scared that he would refuse the offer all together.  To my surprise, he accepted(shows how much he wanted school) and we planned to take him to the home and get him enrolled in school.  It has been one week since he went to live there.  A few days ago, the water for the house was shut off.  That means no water for bathing, cooking, washing, etc.  There is a well but it is kind of far from the house so for the boys to go and fetch water it is really difficult.

Yesterday an uncle was telling me about the water problem at the house and then he told me another  story about John.  John didn't want to go to school without bathing so he woke up super early, went back to the slum, bathed there(There is a pipe that brings in water to the canal that runs through the slum.  It is where all the street kids bathe and wash clothes.) and then walked all the way to school.

God totally put this kid on my heart.  He is older, tougher, can't be bothered with feelings, and maybe not many people would give him a chance.  I am really glad I did.  He is going to be a future world changer...

This was the day we went swimming.

At the Easter party

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