Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I started this almost 2 weeks ago but am just now getting around to finishing it...

Yesterday, I went to a church craft sale to sell jewelry.  It is a smaller, local church.  I didn't know anyone that went there, but saw the sign asking for vendors.  I have been selling the jewelry at the Farmer's Market but I worry that if I am there every week, eventually it will become a waste of time to be there.
So I went to this church yesterday not knowing what to expect.  What I found was very friendly people.  Everyone talked to me, welcomed me, and the lady in charge went way above.  She was very friendly and treated me like we were old friends. 

The sale was supposed to last only one day, but since the sale was kind of slow, they told us we could leave our things set up and return after the services on Sunday.  I decided to check out their service and then be there to sell.

Service started at 9 and there were maybe 100 people.  The pastor told a story from his childhood about the dinner table.  He told us how the table was a covenant of love.  That when you sat at the table at his grandma's you were considered family, no matter what had happened earlier in the day.  There was no discipline or angry words at the table, only love.  He compared it to the table where we take communion, where there is only love and we are all family.  It was a simple but very powerful comparison.

After service, everyone talked with each other and knew each other.  I had forgotten what it was like to attend a church where everyone knows everyone.  People know you and when you aren't there, they miss you and wonder what is wrong.  There is also accountability.  It is impossible to sneak in late, not go, or sneak out after service in a hurry. 

Don't get me wrong, I love my church.  I love the messages.  I love the worship. But if I don't go, no one notices, no one knows me.  It is impossible to know everyone.  I didn't have a problem with that until today...

I remembered what it felt like to be part of a church family instead of a nameless face in the crowd.  To have people that know you personally and care what you are doing or going through.  They have really opened my eyes and have started to make me question what church is supposed to be.  More and more, I am starting to think that church was intended to be a family and with this church, I think it is possible...

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