Thursday, February 23, 2012


One of the boys, Ibra, came to be "mine" very unexpectedly.  I loved him a lot from the beginning but I didn't think he was serious about anything except doing drugs.  Someone made a promise to him to take him to a home and when the promise was broken, I felt I didn't have a choice.  I knew my relationship with him would be hurt and I wanted more than anything for him to stop doing drugs and change his life.  So I took him to school.  That was 3 semesters ago.  I don't know how he survived the first term, I am pretty sure most days he was hungover.  Drugs were still an issue.  Second term, he stayed in the boarding section.  I think that he did better and when I got back in January, he was a completely changed kid.

I am so thankful everyday to have Ibra in my life.  I can now see God's planning in all of this.  Ibra was meant to be here with me, and I am so lucky.  Ibra is the perfect example as to how I didn't chose these kids, God brought them to me.  Behind all of the trouble, pain, addiction, and hurt, he is one of the most amazing kids I have ever met. He is always the first one to greet me and run across the school yard to give me a hug, if I visit school.  When we walk through the slum, he will hold my hand and make sure I don't fall in the mud and if any guy says something rude to/about me, he will defend me and tell them not to talk about his mom like that.  If he is walking with a little boy, he will grab his hand and help him cross the street.  He will brush my hair and put it in the craziest hair-dos ever, cut my fingernails, or whatever else he can to help take care of me.  When another boy, Richard, was still on the streets and very sick and refused to stay overnight in the clinic(in the slum) unless I stayed with him, Ibra was the first to volunteer to stay with me.  Two days ago, I was at school and there was a smaller boy running frantically and screaming at a bigger boy to leave him alone.  Who stepped in and protected the little boy?  That's right, Ibra.

I never thought that I would see the day when Ibra was changed, but God is good.  He brought Ibra to me and He has been hard at work in his life.  I am so grateful to be able to witness such a transformation.  If you knew Ibra a year ago and saw him now, you wouldn't believe it.  All the glory goes to God.

All these boys need is a chance.  My heart is for the older boys, many who are/were just like Ibra, waiting for a chance that may never come, crying out to a God they are convinced doesn't love them, dulling their pain and heartache with drugs and alcohol.  For 9 amazing boys, they have a chance.  They are in their "forever home".  Every day is a struggle, but when I see Ibra and the crazy men on the street that talk to themselves because help never came for them, I realize what the stakes are and what the reward is.  I have no doubt Ibra is going to grow up into the most wonderful, godly man that will cherish his children and wife.  That is where change has to begin here.  With the young men, so they know it is not ok to take many wives or beat their children.  That is the only way there will ever be an end to street kids.

I will be back to the US in a little over a week.  I am heartbroken beyond words to leave these boys, but there is still work to be done.  They still all need sponsors and I want to add maybe 5 or 6 boys, plus some other small projects.  If you are interested in sponsoring Ibra or one of the other boys, having me speak at your church, small group, youth group, classroom, etc. or hearing about the other projects I want to start email me at

I hope you will prayerfully consider joining me on this journey, to give these boys hope and a future, in whatever way you can.

Ibra being silly.  He took my glasses and decided to try them on.

Ibra cooking.  He is a really good cook and cooks for the other boys joyfully.

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