Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Wicked step-mother

This was the kitten that was brought home about a week ago. I named him muzungu which is what you call a white person.  I thought it was super funny that I would be shouting muzungu all the time because of the cat and that was why I chose the name.

When I left for Jinja on Friday, muzungu was home.  When I got back on Sunday, he was gone.  I don't know where he went or why he left.  I was asking one of the boys what he did with Muzungu and he told me, "Now Muzungu has a step-mother, so he ran back to the streets."

Let me explain why this is so funny.  He was found on the streets by the market.  He was abandoned by his mother or at least she was no where around.  He was brought home to me, the step-mother.  Many of the boys have run away from their homes because their step-mothers were very mean to them.  Muzungu has now run away from home.  I was his step-mother...

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