Friday, April 27, 2012

Do you love coffee?

I love coffee!  If my day doesn't start with coffee, it is a very sad day.  So when I found this opportunity, I thought it was perfect.

Just Love Coffee is based out of Tennessee.  It is a pretty cool company and works with only fair trade coffees. They started giving back by helping families that were trying to adopt fundraise and have opened it up to any organization with a cause.  For every bag of coffee that is sold from "my store", LOT 2545 will get $5.  There are lots of other things on their websites from apparel to music.  Everything that is sold, we get a portion of!  And the stuff isn't crazy expensive to make up for donating a portion to us!

So you can get your coffee and help the boys too!  Make sure you share the site with all of your friends!  What is better than getting something you need and love and helping someone in the process?????

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