Sunday, October 14, 2012

Happy birthday!

It is sort of a birthday...

My blog is 100 posts old!  That is a big number and deserving of a celebration!

And what great party doesn't have fun giveaways?????

But first, a walk down memory lane.  My favorite 10 experiences from Uganda.

  • Crossing the Rwandan border back into Uganda.  It was in the middle of the night.  It was really cold.  I was so grateful for my rest in Rwanda, but so happy to be going home.  There were no city lights, nothing to get in the way of gazing at the stars.  I think that night I saw every start God ever made.  It was breath taking.
  • The first time any of the boys said I loved you.  That day my fate was sealed.  
  • Seeing 8 of the most amazing kids I have ever known get to see their home for the first time.  They ran around like maniacs like we were living in a mansion.  They were so happy.  I was so worried because it wasn't very big and I thought they weren't going to like it.  But it was home and they loved it.
  • Waking up and having coffee and talking to friends for so long each morning, we were always late with the rest of our day.
  • Wandering the streets at night with good friends looking for new boys to tell about the programs.  One night in particular we found a boy named Alex.  He followed us instantly and decided to show us where all of the boys slept.  He ran so quickly to check all of the hiding places, we were all laughing so much that night.  The best was seeing some of those boys at programs the next day.
  • Seeing David back in the slum after he had been arrested and had been missing for a long time.  I thought I was going to never see him again.  Also, finally being able to get Nelson out of prison.  He was missing for the longest time before we could find him and then it took forever to get him out.  
  • Sitting at the beach, drinking soda and talking to friends while the kids played in the water knowing I had everything I ever wanted.  And then laughing all the way home in the taxi because the boys were being outrageous as usual.
  • Getting in a boda accident not once, but twice and wondering how I made it out alive in either case and knowing God's angels were with me.
  • Joseph going from hating me and refusing to speak to me to holding my hand and always talking to me.
  • The boys surprising me with the cutest little kitten.  I don't know how they found him or didn't wake me up that night but in the morning when they did wake me up, seeing it at my door totally shocked me.  He was the cutest kitten I had ever seen.  So cute, someone stole him from us.  :-(  

Now on to the fun giveaway!  

There will be 3 prizes, so potentially 3 winners.  What will you win?

One of 3 pieces of jewelry made by some incredible women in Uganda! (Sorry for the terrible photos!)

How do you win?  Get entries!  Each thing you do will get you one entry.  (Sorry, you got to work a little!)
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The contest is open until the end of Next Wednesday(10/17).  I will draw the winner and post it here next Thursday!  Make sure you leave me a comment here and let me know you are entering!

Best of luck!

And thanks for taking this journey with me!!!


  1. I'm entering:) I can't wait to have coffee with you again this time in Uganda!!

    1. Yea! I can't wait for coffee either! I hope you and Sarah realize if you are not at my house every morning, I will be waiting on your doorstep! :-)

  2. Hey Amanda, I hope all is going well. I've entered :) Will you be at the farmers market Thursday? If so I'll try to stop in to see you!

    1. I got you entered! Thanks for always reading! I will be at the market Thursday. Hope to see you then!


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