Friday, January 11, 2013


I went for a walk yesterday afternoon in my neighborhood.  I had my route all planned out.  I had taken it many times before.  It was such a sunny day yesterday, I just wanted to get out and enjoy.

So off I went.

About 20 minutes into my walk, I walked past a house with a dog in the front yard.  I had seen the dog many times before but usually there are no problems because it has an electric fence.  So when it leaped and bounded towards me, I didn't think twice.  I greeted it and continued walking.

Then it followed me into the street and ran past me.  It came running back and jumped on me, and then ran away again.  It ran into another house's open garage so I thought maybe I was confused and didn't really know the dog and continued on with my walk.

Then it came chasing after me, in the middle of the road, and ran ahead of me.  I kept calling to it trying to get it to come back, but it refused.  When I got close, it ran farther away.  It would run close, but just far enough out of my reach, and then take off again.

I should mention, it was about a 70-80 pound dog.  It was a good size and full of energy.

At this point, I felt responsible for the dog and getting it home.  So I kept going after it, of course with no luck.  By this time, we were far from its house and my attempts to catch it were not working.  I was frustrated and ready to leave it when a car came whizzing by and made me realize it is going to get hit.

So I kept chasing it.

It came to a house with other dogs and stayed at the fence barking at the other dogs.  The dog behind the fence was a huge rottweiler and I was a tad afraid to approach the fence for fear that my face might be ripped off.  So I stood on the edge calling it.


Then a man approached walking a dog and the dog came bounding towards us.  Still couldn't catch it.  This was at least 15 minutes since I passed its home.

Finally the man got it, and then I offered to walk it home.  I almost fell and broke my neck twice because the dog had NO TRAINING.  I was holding it by its collar and it pulled me the WHOLE WAY!  Then it just stopped in the middle of the street, laid down and would not get back up.

I was so over this stupid dog at that point, I almost left it there.  But a girl came out of her house and offered me a treat to entice the dog back home.  She ensured me it worked for her.  So then the dog was running after my hand, almost ripping it off until we made it to its driveway.  It stopped again so I threw the treat into the driveway and we went chasing after it and stopped in middle of driveway.

I heard voices, so I yelled hello.

No answer.

The dog was not budging from its spot and I was not letting go.  I was steps away from the door.  Finally, I dragged the dog to the door and rang the bell.  The man answered.  I asked if that was his dog.  He asked if she had gotten out.  I said yes and I chased her all the way over there, pointing my finger.  He begins to yell at someone in the house about how the dog doesn't have its collar on, says thanks, and shuts the door in my face.

Today my shoulders and back hurt from dragging and running with that stupid dog hunched over.  Not to mention the crazy contortions I had to do to avoid it tripping me and almost breaking my neck.  My nice walk was ruined.  I was dirty, my shoes were dirty, I was covered in dog hair, and I was kind of annoyed that all I got was a haste thanks and a door shut in my face.

If only that man new what I had to do to save his dog from an untimely death...

I see God a lot these days.  In the normal, boring, basic stuff of life.  After I got home, I started thinking.

I am like that stupid, stupid dog.  Keep running for no apparent reason, even when Someone is trying to help.  Just stay on my own little joyous run through the neighborhood, all the while He is telling me to come back.

I am like that man.  Slamming doors in Someone's face, unaware and ungrateful for all He has really done for me.

And still He chases after me.  Actively pursues me.  Tries to make me understand, He wants a relationship,  He won't give up,  He won't disappoint me,  He won't let me down, He won't hurt me, He will give me a safe place.  Even when I don't appreciate all He has done and scream about all He isn't doing.  Even when I get close enough for Him to embrace, but take off again on my own mission, He keeps chasing.  Even when I am not thankful, He still provides.

I am sure that many times recently God has said, "If she only knew..."

Thankfully, He never gives up.  He keeps chasing...

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