Tuesday, April 1, 2014

There's always hope

I think something big is about to happen over here.  It seems that left and right bad things are happening.  That could only mean that someone is trying to break me and make me give up.   Things haven't been super easy around here lately but someone is stepping up their game and trying to get me where he knows it will hurt.  Jokes on him though because God is bigger and always uses even the worst to bring Him glory.

There is one boy in particular that lately I have been feeling like maybe there is no hope.  It is one bad choice and heart break after another lately with him.  I have been feeling like maybe it is too late and too many bad things have happened and all of the love in the world can't fix him.  Every day is like an epic battle to do even the smallest things.  It is just bad and I am at a loss as to what more to do for him.

Saturday, when I was on my way to a women's group for church my wallet and phone were stolen in the taxi.  The conductor distracted me by making the door open while the man next to me got in my purse.  I didn't realize what happened until I was out of the taxi and by then it was too late to get the plate number or do anything.  I went back home trying not to be angry. 

I was walking with one of the boys to get the taxi and on the way I was explaining why a lady that we know needed to be back in the US for a while.  I was trying to make him understand that while there were people here that she loved and would miss a lot, she still needed to be back in a place where she could simply live life and fit in.  I told him that it is exhausting living in a culture that isn't your own and everyone always paying attention to you and wanting something from you.  Even me, when I am done with Uganda and feel like I need out, it is because of the constant pressure and asking for help and being taken advantage of.  There comes a time when it is too much and I just want to live life where people won't notice me or expect anything of me.

So when my wallet and phone were stolen, I was really sad and trying hard not to hate life and be bitter.  When I got home, the boys were just as angry as me and one of them went to the police to file a report.   But the police don't work for justice here, they work for who can pay the most and seeing as how my wallet was stolen, there was no money to pay.  I felt like I was robbed all over again.

Saturday night, I was sitting in my room and 2 boys came in, the one that I mentioned before and another one.   I saw hope that I haven't seen in a long time.  I saw God working His magic and making a bad situation good.  He knew that I was sad about my things being stolen so he used his own money to buy me cake and soda. 

It seems simple, but I haven't seen that boy in a really long time.  The boy that I fell in love with and wanted to give up everything so he could have a future.  We have struggled so much lately.  So much.  But in a bad situation, I saw hope.  I saw the boy that I knew, that I have been missing.  I was reminded once again of why I chose him and that everything will be fine.   God is so good.  Even when I feel like all is lost and things are never going to get better, He shows up and proves me wrong.

God is good, all the time.
All the time, God is good.

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