Wednesday, April 30, 2014

To make Him known

This post is a little late but better late than never.


It was by far the best day that I have ever had in Uganda.  I saw what all of the struggles, the fighting, the difficulties were for and felt absolute, pure joy.

Our church decided that there was no better way to celebrate Jesus rising from the dead than with a baptism.  Who could disagree with that???

On our way home from church on Easter, two of the boys asked if we were going to the baptism because they wanted to be baptized! 

Thank you Jesus! 

When we got home and told some of the other boys were we were going, 2 others said they were ready and wanted to take that step also. 

Thank you Jesus!

So we celebrated Easter by praising and worshiping the Risen King and watching 4 of our boys give their lives to  Jesus.  The pure joy I felt that day was amazing.  This is what it is all for and made every single struggle worth it.  As I stood praising God for His goodness, faithfulness and bringing these boys into my life, I felt Him say to me, "This is what you are doing here.  I died for you.  I brought you here.  I brought you these boys.  Can't you manage anything for another moment like this?  Isn't it all worth it to make Me known?"

"Yes, yes it is."

Me and Dunkan  He is one of the boys that got baptized

me and Sylvester  He made the choice also

Getting set up for worship.  The church rented the swimming pool at Makerere University

me and John
Ronald being baptized

Sylvester getting ready


Happy Easter friends!  He is risen today, tomorrow and always!

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