Friday, July 25, 2014

Go Fund Me

We moved into the house we are living in May of 2012.  It was a great space for the boys and far away enough from town that they couldn’t make it back without great effort.  They had space for everyone, space to play and have made friends in the community.  It has been a great area, except the lack of good schools.

We thought that we found a good school, one that didn’t over cane, had good teachers and cared about its students.  We had the boys split between 3 different schools, but we have just realized that none of them are that great.  The one that we thought was the best, we just discovered the teachers are grading their papers wrong and giving them more marks than they deserve.  When we get their papers back and look over them, the answers are wrong but they are marked as correct.  The teachers are doing this in an effort to make themselves look like they are better teachers than they are.  The boys complain about the teachers not showing up or leaving class frequently.  We have even sent a boy for extra coaching and the work that he was sent home with was incorrect.  He was supposed to be memorizing spelling words, but half of them were spelled wrong.

Many of the boys are entering primary 7 at the beginning of next year.  If they aren’t at a good school, they have no hope of passing the exam to get into secondary school.  We are all worried that where the boys are currently studying will not help them to pass.  The boys that are entering primary 6 will be even more prepared if they start at a better school next year.

There is no school transportation in Uganda.  You must live near the school you attend.  Therefore, we desperately want to move to give the boys a better chance at a good education and passing the exam to get into secondary school.  We have started a fund on Go Fund Me to raise the money that we need to move.  In Uganda, you have to pay at least 6 months up front before you move into a new house.  The campaign will mostly cover rent, but it will also cover all of our other moving related expenses.  The boys have been with the same metal bunk beds since the home opened at the beginning of 2012.  Most of them are broken and need to be replaced.  Thus, the campaign will also buy new beds and bedding for the boys.  It will also cover the moving truck and any other miscellaneous expenses.  If we are to exceed our goal, we will pay additional months rent. 

Please consider helping us to move.  These kids need a better education.  Education is the only thing that will give them a good future.  Education is the only thing that will change anything for them.  Please help and tell your friends and family to help.  And as always, please pray for us, so that our campaign will be successfully funded.

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