Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Life is difficult.  So difficult sometimes. 

But then there are these fleeting moments when I am overwhelmed with joy and know at that moment, life is perfect and it isn’t going to get any better than right then.  I live for those moments.  They give me hope.  They keep me going.

Like, when I see my baby boy, not really a baby anymore, treating the wounds of boys on the street and loving them, there isn’t anything that could make me prouder.  When he looks at me and tells me his job right now is to take care of boys on the street, I melt.  It was a long road, and we haven’t reached the end, but we are close.  And in those moments, the love and joy that I feel just overflows and I want to scream shouts of praise to the God that made it all possible. 

Or when we are having so much fun together, being silly or dancing, and we are all laughing so hard we are almost in tears, my soul is restored.  Laughter is the best medicine and there is no one on earth that makes me laugh like these boys.  They are so crazy and funny; sometimes I can hardly keep it together.  But we need those moments.  Perfect moments.

Or when we are at church and the voice I hear praising, over everyone else’s, is my boy sitting 3 rows behind me.  Then I turn around to see him and his hands are lifted high, reaching out to the God that delivered him from the streets to a loving home.  Right then, I remember all of God’s goodness and that He isn’t done with us yet.

I know it is those moments that God uses to give me hope.  It is those passing moments where I know with every cell of my being that God made me perfectly for this time and to love these boys.  It isn’t easy, but those moments are so beautiful, that they make all of the bad bearable. 

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