Monday, February 9, 2015

Life in photos

Sylvester has started coming to programs with me.  While I am helping richard to clean wounds and attend to medical stuff, he helps the boys wash their clothes.  It is making me feel so proud to see these boys giving back.

Every Monday I meet with the women that make the jewelry.  This past week, we had the opportunity to share their jewelry with another organisation.  Please keep praying for the women to have more opportunities and places to sell their jewelry.

Did you know we make custom orders in our Etsy shop?  Check out the things that are already there, or send us a photo or an idea and we can create it for you in any colour you want.

Paul went back to his village and got home last week.  His family sent me so many gifts.  How did they know pumpkins are my favourite food.  When I was back in the US, I missed pumpkins so much.  The people at the farmer's market thought I was crazy, I am sure, because I was searching for the exact kind they had here.

I didn't think my tomatoes were going to make it.  But they did!  We have used them in guacamole and the beans, so far.

Even our cat, Lucky, is a coffee addict.

There was a fair down the street from our house for two weeks.  Dunkan found a mask and decided to try it on.

Meet Kevin.  He is the one training in hair design.  He is doing well and is enjoying his work.  He is well on his way to being able to provide a great future for his beautiful twin girls.  Please keep him in your prayers for success in his work.

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