Friday, January 30, 2015

Help never came

As I stood there listening to an uncle explain to a boy why learning how to make dreads and other styles would benefit his family more than selling shoes, my mind drifted to another boy sitting nearby.  I have seen him off and on over the last few years, but he never used to come to the programs or leave the slum he stayed in until recently.

As my mind wandered, I almost cried.  There aren't many things that "shock" me any more about these boys and the things that happen to them.  But as I began to wonder about him, as he struggled to walk, my heart broke.

As I looked at his face that showed way more years than he actually had, I wondered how old he really was.  He looks like a grandfather, but I am sure he is only 22 or 23.  He has struggled on the streets alone for far too many years.  And it shows.  I wondered how youthful and handsome he would look if help would have come for him.

As I watched him shake, from the drugs that have destroyed his body, I wondered how fast he would have run if help would have come for him and he wouldn't have had to dull his pain and despair at the bottom of a bottle.

As I noticed his swollen face and missing teeth, I wondered how painful it must be to eat.  I wondered how beautiful his smile would have been if only help would have came.

As I watched his stiff body struggle to walk, to stand, to sit, pretty much to do anything, I wondered about how many untreated injuries he had.  I wondered how he managed the pain.  Then I remembered he did so at the bottom of a bottle.  But mostly I wondered, how strong his body would be if help would have came.

I wondered how things could be different for him.

I wondered if he still had hope.

I wondered so many ifs.

I wondered if he could ever work, or have a job.  I wondered if he could ever heal from all of the pain.  I wondered if he was angry and bitter.  As my heart broke, and I held back tears, I wondered mostly why help never came for him.  And so many others.

I thought about my boys.  Help came for them.  People wonder about them.  But they wonder what am I feeding them to make them grow so well.   How they were able to change so much. How they have such amazing and kind hearts.  How they look so healthy.  They wonder if they really are the same boys that they knew from before.

Even the boy we were talking to about going to learn hair design.  I can see a day where his beautiful twin girls are able to grow up outside of the slum.  I see him growing strong, full of joy and pride at being able to provide for his daughters.  I see him sleeping easy each night not having to worry about the safety of his beautiful girls because they won't have to pass the men that are already drunk at 8am as they go to school.  I see his life changing and I see his smile coming deep from within.

The difference?

Help came for them.

But others are still waiting.

There are still many boys on the streets that need help.  They are waiting and crying out for help.  Good intentions won't help them.  They need tangible, physical help.  Each time we go to the slums, we help with medical care.  If you want to help us cover those expenses, email me at  Or if you are interested in helping an older boy get training so he can get out of the slums, email me.

There is a boy that I really want to bring home but we can't bring in another boy unless we have sponsors for him.  We already have more boys than we have sponsors.  Are you interested in sponsoring him, or another one?  Email me and I will tell you all about him.

Even the boys in our home still need help.  We lost a major donor at the beginning of the year.  Now,  we need your help to feed these boys, so they keep growing big and strong.  Only $10 a month will feed a boy 30 meals or $30 will feed a boy for a whole month.  Sign up on our website.  All of your donations are tax deductible.

Be our help.

We need you.

They need you.

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