Monday, September 10, 2012


To be honest, I don't really know John.  He is one of the boys that has joined us after I left.  For the way the other boys rallied to convince me to let him stay, I just knew he was going to be amazing.

John was one of the boys that had been coming around the house for food after I left.  When the other boys found out that we were moving, they insisted that I let John and David come with us.  One boy, Ronald, even offered his spot in the home so John could have a chance.  They told me he has a really hard time on the streets and suffered a lot before, it would be so unfair of me to leave without him.

After I talked to him, I was convinced.  So John moved with us.  I know it is crazy, but I had peace about letting them both move with us even though I didn't know them.  I knew that God wanted him home with us.

I am glad he is.

I think it was not long before he came to live with us that I saw a photo of him with a friend on Facebook.  It made me laugh because he had put his name tag on his chin.  I thought he looked like a nice and funny kid.  I had no idea that he would be soon joining our family.

I spoke to John on the phone the other day.  While all of the other boys were angry at me and refusing to talk to me because they had gotten in trouble with me the day before, he happily took the opportunity to chat.  It never fails, every time we talk, he always says thank you.  He told me he was happy to be in the home, thanked me for sending him to school and helping him to see his family again.  He is always so kind, grateful, and genuine.

If I ask how the boys are or if there are any problems, I will never hear his name mentioned.  He is really quiet, gets along with everyone and stays out of trouble.  He works hard at school, helps around the home, and is overall a really good kid.  He is so easy going, well behaved, and laid back I have to specifically ask about him to get an update.

I wish I could tell you more about John.  I wish I had the history with him that I have with some of the other boys, but actually having a future is better.  He is safe now.  He has hope.  He has a future.  And I am so lucky to get to be a part of it.

Meet John!

John(l) with Jimmy and Julius in their school uniforms


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