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Last, but not least, on to Ibra...

Ibra is about 15 years old and is one of the boys in boarding school.  He is in primary 4 and is really held back in school because he is not a very strong reader yet.  It is kind of strange because his English is almost perfect.  I don't know where he learned English so well but he is a very clever kid.

Ibra is short for Ibrahim.  So as his name suggests, his family is muslim.  From what I was told, he was living with his mom, was a bit stubborn, decided to run away, and stayed gone for around a year.  During the year, he found Jesus, fell in love with Him, gave his life to Him, decided to go back home, and was rejected.  His mom was not happy that he was now a Christian and told him he wasn't welcome.  So he came back to the streets.  He joined a home for boys a little bit later but the boys in the home had to fend for themselves sometimes because the home was always underfunded.

Ibra would go to a certain church a lot.  He is very friendly and outspoken, so he made many friends there.  He started to be a good leader and show he was really responsible.  The leaders for another program for boys on the street recognized this and started to give him more responsibilities in the program.  He was proving himself to be trustworthy and on fire for Jesus.  A friend of mine realized this and how much potential he had.  After speaking with his mom, she offered to put him in a really good Christian boarding school where he could catch up on his studies and continue to grow in his faith.

When she left Uganda, I offered to continue to watch after Ibra.  He still attends boarding school and stays in the home during the holidays.  He is always kind and respectful.  He loves to talk but at times talks to much. (It has kind of gotten him in trouble at school.)  He loves to be helpful and will do whatever you ask of him.  He is trustworthy and loves to pray.

This last school holiday, he went back to his village and found his grandma.  He stayed with her and helped around her house with daily chores.  He also reconnected with a neighbor that he was really close to.  He calls her mom also.  We found out that his mom was actually in Kampala also.  The day they tried to visit, they didn't find her.  We will help him to try and rebuild that relationship also.

Ibra is a great kid and I know he is going to do great things in the future.

Meet Ibra!


Ibra with Uncle Patrick

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