Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Kids say the funniest things

Here is your weekly dose of things these boys say.

One of our board members, Courtney, is here visiting.  We were listening to music in Luganda(the local language.)

Richard:  What is the use of a tailor?
Me:  To fix clothes.
Richard:  So they sew?
Courtney:  Yes.
Richard:  So the song says, "Sew me."  Did you get that?
Courtney:  No.
Richard:  Of course not.

Richard and Courtney were writing a letter.

Courtney:  What do you want to say?
Richard:  That I am becoming a doctor these days and if they know of any hospitals that need a doctor my number is 077777777.
Courtney writes that and Richard discovers it.
Richard:  That's not my real number.  I am not going to get the job because they are going to say I am not serious.  Why did you write that?

One of the boy's uncles came to visit the house.

The uncle:  How are you?
Me:  I'm good.  You?
Him:  I'm good.  Then looking down and seeing that my feet were really dusty from walking he says, I see you are so busy.
Me:  Um.  I just got home?

I was searching the music on my computer and was looking for a song to play.  I was going to choose a song that I play a lot.

Me: My favorite?
David:  What?

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