Monday, January 26, 2015

The last two weeks

Here are some photos from the last two weeks.  For one of the weeks one of our board members was visiting us.  We had lots of fun while she was here and was able to take a special trip to Jinja with some of the boys.  One of the boys, Willy, said that the day was like heaven.  She also took us all to the beach and we had a great time.

at the Gandhi statue in Jinja

on the Nile

the boys heading out to where the Nile River starts and Lake Victoria ends



John and Richard

Richard.  I think I heard the donkey cry when he sat down.

Jacob.  The donkey was definitely tortured that day.

Paul with his favourite food, whole fried tilapia.

Apparently, Courtney and I play soccer and Vincent is our coach.  Who knew?

The basket was a gift from Vincent's mom.  So was the popcorn.


At the beach

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