Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Blessed House

I started this Saturday night but am now just getting around to finishing it...

My favorite day of the week is by far Saturday.  Saturdays are the days when I get to spend some quality time with my 3 boys and really start to get to know them.  Sometimes this means we go fun places and almost always it means we end up at an uncle's house.  The leaders started gathering a few months ago on Saturdays to fellowship.  It has since turned into a time when we can really love on a few kids and build solid relationships.  There is always food, laughter, and plenty of fun.   It is always an amazing time and one of the best of the week but tonight was something special...

When I got to the uncle's house one of the first kids to greet me and give me a hug was Brian.  I talked about him a few weeks ago.  He is a completely different kid.  God has worked miracles in him and he is turning out to be one of the most sensitive and sweet kids.  I should have known that would set the tone for the night.

We were waiting on another aunt, who the kids call Jaaja(grandma), to arrive so I sent a few kids on errands to buy eggs and vegetables to cook so we would be ready.  (I think this is a big deal to them because it lets them know you trust them.  They could easily run off with the money, but it has never happened to me.)  When Jaaja arrived, she began to cook, like always.  The boys love to help so I went inside and talked to another aunt.  Some of the boys were sitting inside so we were just all laughing and joking around.  One of my kids, John, decided he wanted to do my hair.  So he started braiding my hair and basically turning it into a hot mess.  That was when Peter took over and John moved on to the other auntie's hair.  The room was full of laughter, jaaja was outside cooking, and I thought to myself this is home, this is my family.

The uncle always says his house is the Blessed House.  That night I definitely saw why.

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  1. Amanda, Abby just gave me the info to your blog and I have been reading it for the last hour or so, just captivated by your stories with the boys. I was in Uganda in 2009-2010 with Abby, the boys in the home that you live in I love with every ounce of me. It's been great to hear about them, to see pictures of them and to connect with them through your blog. Thanks for sharing!

    God bless,



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