Thursday, July 7, 2011

a short walk...

Another auntie and I had been wanting to go out into the city at night and look for kids.  We were wanting to reach as many kids as we could everyday at program and thought the only way to do so was to bring new kids.  We finally started our adventure last week.  We have gone out at night at least 3 times now and have met many new kids.  We go out around 8 or 9 pm as the kids are getting settled into their sleeping places.  The problem for the kids is Kampala never seems to sleep so they must wait for all of the vendors to clear out before they can lay down.  Some nights this happens very late.

Our first night out about a week ago was a little frustrating.  We walked and walked and hardly found anyone.  We found out later that about 200 kids had been picked up the night before and taken to a remand house.  So the kids were in hiding.  We did manage to have some fun and had outrageous encounters.  I got dragged into the middle of traffic, everyone gathers around when we talk to the kids, a random lady was demanded a bag, the list goes on.

The last 2 times we have found very many kids.  Some have started coming to our programs each day and we have about 65 kids now that we feed.  Tonight we went out and found many young kids.  One boy, Brian, stuck out to me.  I hope he comes to program on Friday.  He has some crazy rash/infection all over his body and I want to take him to the hospital.  His English was perfect and we were all commending him on it.  When we asked what class he finished he told us 2nd grade.  His English is way more advanced than a 2nd grader and he looked at me and told me how clever he was but then he lost his parents.  My heart broke...

We found 35 kids tonight, a few we already knew but most we did not.  Be praying they come to the program on Friday, especially the little ones.

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