Thursday, July 14, 2011


Gabriel at craft day
I  don't remember how Gabriel and I met but it is difficult to forget him once you meet him.  However, I do remember our second meeting.  I had gone to Kisenyi to get kids to bring them to our programs in Kivulu.  When I got to the spot where all the kids hang out, I saw him and he announced that I was his friend but the others with me were not, and that is how it all started...

Like all kids from Kisenyi, he got high from huffing aviation fuel.  I took away his drugs many times over the last 4 or 5 months and fought so hard with him to not return to Kisenyi.  It took a few attempts but eventually he did stay in Kivulu and eventually started using drugs less and less.  There would be days where he wouldn't use them at all or only right before he slept.  Every time I saw him, I would take his drugs, he would tell me how sorry he was and wouldn't do it anymore, and I would remind him how bad it was for him.

About 2 months ago, he completely broke my heart.  We had a really rough day at program and he was one of the kids being the most disrespectful.  He got in trouble and we cancelled programs for the rest of the week.  Over the course of the week, I saw him out in the town.  I called to him and he ignored me.  I went up to him and he still ignored me.  So I told him it was fine, I still loved him and would see him later. But I didn't.

He didn't come back to programs for a long time.  When another aunt saw him, he flipped her off.  I wanted to go look for him but thought he needed time to cool down.  Then I got busy and never found the time to go look for him.  Two Sundays ago, he showed up out of nowhere and I was so excited.  He was clean, he wasn't high, and he talked to me.  Over the last week, he has been coming to programs and has been as great as ever.  I noticed that he hadn't been around the last 2 days and wondered why and today while I was in the middle of sharing a Bible story I saw why.  I saw the greatest thing ever.  There was Gabriel, standing across the church, in his school uniform.  I literally stopped what I was saying and asked the uncle who put him in school.

My God is an awesome God and He knows when I am feeling weak and discouraged and every time He does something so amazing and all of my hope is restored.

Please be praying for Gabriel during this time of transition for him.  He is an awesome kid and am so happy he was given this chance.

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