Sunday, January 22, 2012

Yesterday was such an amazing day.  I want to remember every second of it forever.  It started with taking the boys to the pool.  It is always such a joy to see the kids let loose and be kids again.  It doesn't happen very often, but I treasure the moments it does.  So to see the kids playing and smiling and having fun, would have been enough for the day.  I would have felt like the day was complete.

But it wasn't....

I have been looking for a house to move into here and it has been really difficult.  The ones that were a good size were too expensive or they wanted too much money up front.  The other ones were too small or not in good condition.  Finally, we found one and I got to seeit yesterday.  I was so excited I decided to tell the boys right away.  They were so excited and so thankful.  I don't think I will ever forget their smiles...

The best part, they weren't thanking me first.  They realized that it wasn't my doing that had provided for them.  It wasn't me that heard their cries and prayers.  It was God.  And they thanked Him and gave Him the glory.  It was an amazing thing to witness.  They each stood up to say thanks.  Ronald, a boy that doesn't talk so much, said the most beautiful things.  It was just another reminder of how incredibly amazing these kids are.

Today began the days of the hard work ahead.  Raising teenagers isn't easy and it especially isn't easy when you have 8 and they have all been on the streets running their own lives for the past few years.  I thought and prayed this morning that I hoped I would always remember the days like yesterday when the days ahead became difficult.  I pray that I remember the smiles and the looks on their faces when I told them we were moving, when my heart is breaking and I don't know what else to do.   I pray that I never take for granted the good times and they sustain me in the bad.  God has His plan for me and these boys and where ever He takes us, I know He will keep us.

God bless! 

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