Monday, December 22, 2014

Last week in pictures

Sylvester at the Gandhi statue at the Source of the River Nile.  I had to go to Jinja to get my visa figured out, so we did a little sight seeing.  For having lived in Uganda their whole lives, the boys have really seen very little of it.  Most of them only know their villages and Kampala.  They have never gotten the chance to visit any where else.  

Sylvester and I on the Nile River.

Several of the boys and I spent our Friday with the boys on the street.  Our friend was showing a movie at his programs and the boys are all captivated.

I am not the only one excited for our garden.  Our tomato plants are doing so well and have many baby tomatoes on them. Kansiime is so excited he couldn't wait for them to be ready!

I found someone that sells strawberry plants and could not resist!  Strawberries are really hard to find here and if by chance you do, they are so crazy expensive that we can't afford them anyway.  But now, we will have our own, fresh, soon.

These boys love little kids.  One day, in the VERY! far future,  they are going to make great dads.  They are always playing with the neighbourhood kids, actually any kids they find.  I was leaving the house and I was met by Jacob and all of his little friends.

To get the strawberry plants, we had to travel to the very far other side of town to a super fancy mall.  She had set up a table in one of the malls foyers.  When we got there, she was all sold out of strawberries and told me that I could come back on Monday to get others.  However, once she found out how far we travelled, she called someone and they brought them to us. Here is John and Jimmy taking a rest before our journey back home.

We hope everyone has a great week and Merry Christmas!

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