Wednesday, December 31, 2014

What I heard this week

Here is your weekly dose of the crazy things these kids say!

I have been keeping a garden, and it has tons of greens in it.  I picked some on Sunday for lunch and Kansiime cooked them for us.

Me:  The greens were really good today.  Thanks for cooking them.
Kansiime:  You're welcome.
Me:  Were they good because I dug them well or because you cooked them well?
Kansiime:  All of it.

More on the story of greens.  In Uganda, anytime you farm or grow plants they refer to it as digging.  I was serving lunch on Sunday.  I was still at the back of the house serving food when I heard Paul shout from the front of the house, "Thank you for digging!"  Clearly, he loved the greens too.

We were at a fancy mall on the other side of town picking up the strawberry plants.  I took 3 of the boys with me and the mall was having all sorts of promotions because of Christmas.  There was a life size Santa Clause doll, dressed in a red sequin suit, that danced.

Me:  You see that thing?
David:  Yeah, it is Father Christmas.
Me:  Yep, we call him Santa Clause.
David:  Why doesn't Father Christmas bring us a bunch of gifts?
Me: uh...

There is a song in Uganda and it is about a guy that wants to buy his girlfriend shoes until he realises what size shoe she wears.  When she tells him a really big size, he says she has gorilla feet.  Not the nicest song, but it is still pretty funny.  Richard and I joke about who has gorilla feet now.  Our opposite of gorilla feet are cat feet.

We are sitting in the slums waiting for the women to arrive and a church lady gives her baby to Richard to hold.

Richard:  Playing with the baby, "Who has the gorilla feet now?  Him?"

More on gorilla parts, after my things were stolen my hand was really swollen and I couldn't move it.

Me:  Ah, now I have a gorilla hand.  Look how big it is!  It is just like a gorilla's.
Richard and Jimmy just stare at me, not laughing.
Me:  Why aren't you laughing?  That was funny.
Jimmy:  Maybe to you.

Wishing you a happy new year!

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