Monday, August 10, 2015

Meet Mukasa

Meet Mukasa Fahad. Mukasa joined us at the beginning of this year. He knew one of our boys, John, when they were on the street. The first day that John was on the street, Mukasa saw him and helped him know where to go and where was a safe place to sleep. They didn't see each other again until the beginning of this year. They ran in to each other and Mukasa remembered him. Mukasa loves school and was trying to work to pay his own school fees, but couldn't manage. He lost his father and his mother's family doesn't want him. His stepmom tried carrying for him, but struggled with her biological children. Mukasa is super helpful and easy going. He is honest, hard-working, and focused. We realized the potential in him, and decided to put him in secondary school. He loves art, especially drawing. He is in his first year and will join the boarding section next term.

Prayer requests for Mukasa:
For him to continue to stay focused on his future and perform well in school
For his relationship with his family to improve and them to welcome him
For us to find sponsors for him so we can continue to provide school fees for him
For his love of art to continue to grow and develop

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