Thursday, August 6, 2015

Things going on

I have now been back in Uganda almost a month.  I am so happy to be home with the boys.  It has been a good month, and so exciting to see how the boys are growing and changing so much.  It has been a busy month also, catching up on things from when I was gone and reconnecting with people.

We are so thankful for those of you that were praying with us for my time in the US to be fruitful.  We found several new sponsors for the boys, and now many are fully sponsored.  We are still praying for a church to join us and we hope you will keep with us in that prayer and for the rest of the boys to find sponsors also.  My hand is also doing much better also, so thank you for those prayers.  I don't cringe in pain anymore when someone shakes my hand.  I know soon it will be completely healed.  It was also so encouraging to meet so many new people and have them join our story.  We appreciate each one of you!
One of the first things that we did, was to visit Mbazira in his village.  We were able to resettle him with his father several months ago.  Mbazira loves to raise animals and farm, so he wanted to start raising pigs.  When we visited him, we were able to get him started with 2 piglets, a house and food for them.  He has big plans for his pig project.  He eventually wants to be able to buy a motorcycle with the money he saves from selling the offspring, and expand to caring for other animals.  He wants to help his family fix their house and build his own on his family's land.  We were so happy to see Mbazira doing well in his village and reunited with his family.  That is the ideal outcome for each boy, and we are so happy that it was possible for Mbazira!
I have jumped right back in with helping at our friend's programs for boys still on the street.  Even while I was gone, Sylvester and Richard, attended the programs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Sylvester is the cook and helps run the programs.  It is so cute to hear the boys call him uncle.  He wants to be a social worker when he is older and wanted to volunteer somewhere to gain some experience.  He has found something that his heart loves and he wakes up super early so he can get there and have the food ready for lunch for the 70 or so kids that come to the programs.

Richard helps with first aid and general things around the program.  He loves those boys so much, and they know it.  Everything he has he pours out to them, day after day.  It is so amazing to see these boys come full circle.  They get the difference the programs made in their lives, and as a result want to help the boys there.  They are making me so incredibly proud.  If you doubt what you are doing is making a difference in these boys' lives, just look to these two.  They are already changing things here and it wouldn't be possible without your love, prayers, and support!  Please keep our friend, Kevin, and his programs in your prayers.  He doesn't have any support for the programs and uses his own earnings to feed the kids.  Programs have been sporadic lately because there hasn't been enough money.  Please pray he is able to find consistent support for his programs.
Other good news:
  • Small David has returned home. (He left while I was gone.) He is learning to drive and hopes to have a job driving a school bus when he receives his driving permit in a few weeks.  He will be moving out soon, into his own apartment.
  • Davis moved out of the house about 2 weeks ago after saving enough money from his job to rent his own apartment.  He is working fixing computers still and is able to take care of himself now.
  • Moses didn't make it in boarding school, too many restrictions and rules for him to manage.  BUT, he is now living with a friend learning to make sandals during the day and studying at night for the primary leaving exam.  He likes going to school now, as it is only a few hours a day and not so restrictive.
  • We have started working with a new group of women that make jewelry.  They are all internally displaced people and live near stone quarries.  The women are all survivors from the war in the north and fled to the city.  Many of their husbands were killed in the war, and now they are trying to provide for their children on their own.  The only opportunity they have is selling fruits in the city or working in the stone quarry.  Both pay pennies a day.  Making the beads provides a small income to help them.  We are launching their line next month, and right now you can shop our Etsy shop at 50% off everything using the code 50FIFTY at checkout!
  • We have a new puppy, Thor.  He was wandering the street in front of our house a few Sundays ago.  He was crying and chasing everyone.  He almost was run over by a motorcycle, then a boy picked him up and kicked him.  The boys ran to his aid and took him home.  His best friend at home is Mukasa and he cries whenever Mukasa leaves him, but everyone loves him.
Prayer requests:
  • For all of the needs of the home to continue to be met, especially for the boys that don't have sponsors to get
  • For the new women's group.  For stores to be willing to sell their jewelry, people to have jewelry parties, and for the jewelry line to be successful.
  • For the boys to continue to heal and change.  For them to know they are loved and that God has great plans for each one of them.  For them to be able to let go of their pasts, and instead look to their futures.
  • We have tried and tried to find an art teacher, but each one has disappointed us.  Please pray that we would find one that is serious and willing to teach the boys.
  • For our friend's programs.  That they would become fully funded.  For the boys still on the streets.  The rainy season is starting and it usually rains at night.  For them sleeping outside, it makes for many sleepless and freezing nights.  Pray for their safety and health and for those that want to return to their villages, for a way to go back.
Easy ways to get involved:
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  • Share our website, Facebook, or Instagram with your friends and tell them about what we are doing.
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