Friday, August 7, 2015

Meet Yusuf

Meet Bogere Yusuf. Yusuf joined us at the beginning of last term. We have known him for many years. He was living at a home that barely gave the boys anything but a place to sleep. He was helping at our friend's programs in the slums, and was a really great leader. He would run the programs even when our friend was late and the boys really listened and respected him. Yusuf joined primary 5 last term in the boarding section. He is serious about school and is trying really hard to catch up. His teacher loves him and says he is well-behaved. Yusuf loves to play soccer and is looking forward to the school holiday, so he can go back to his soccer team. He says the only thing he doesn't like about being at school is he doesn't get the chance to play any soccer. Yusuf is really quiet until you get to know him. He is soft-spoken and laid back. He is really helpful.
Prayer requests for Yusef:
For him to catch up and perform well in school
For his talent in soccer to grow and for it to provide greater opportunities for him, especially when he reaches secondary level at school where he could get scholarships for playing
For us to find sponsors for him, so we can continue providing school fees for him
For his relationship with his mom to continue to improve

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