Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Things I love about these kids part 1


They always give everything that they have for others and challenge me to do the same.

  • I didn't see a boy's shoes that we had just gotten, so I asked what happened.  "I saw him(another boy) and he didn't have any shoes so I had to give him mine.  I still had my sandals so I was just going to use them."
  • A boy from the streets was going through rubbish looking for bottles.  We had just gotten a snack at the supermarket and one of the boys was eating his.  He gave his cake to the boy, another emptied half of his peanuts and gave his water to the boy.  That happens anytime the boys are eating anything and see a boy with nothing.
  • There are tons of kids begging on the streets of Kampala.  We passed a rather persistent one and one of the boys gave him his last coin.  When I asked why he said because he will get beaten if he doesn't bring home any money.
  • One of the boys was playing with a boy on the street.  He really loves this kid a lot and he looked  at me and says, "I really wish I had money.  I would bring that boy home with us."
  • We were walking together through town, when I turned around and realized I was alone.  Finally, I saw the boys running towards me and I asked what happened and where they went.  There was a man carrying many things and he was struggling so they stopped to help him.
  • They share everything with everyone, even random people we don't know.  They have roasted corn, they break it in half and give to a kid.  Anything and everything is meant to be shared.

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