Monday, November 5, 2012

Beats for the streets

A friend (David), that I met in Uganda when he was on a mission trip, just started a really cool business.  The best part of his new business is he is using it as a way to support causes and organizations that he cares about.  And we get to be the first!   For every SIR Case he sells, he is giving a portion to LOT 2545 to help us care for our boys and he is calling the project Beats for the Streets.  Just love that name!!!!

How awesome is that?  I know some of you out there are music lovers and this is definitely a must have!

Now the details...

It is called SIR Case.  "SIR CASE (Suitcase In Rhythm) is a modern day boom box. We take vintage cases and pair them with up-cycled speakers to create functional art."

The result is awesome!

And they sound as good as they look!

Check out their Facebook page.

You won't just be supporting a great guy with his new business but also the boys in our home.

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