Wednesday, November 7, 2012


I was talking to a friend from Uganda today and he asked me what I thought were the biggest cultural differences between the US and Uganda.

Of course the first thing I told him was time.  We are so strict with it and it is really rude to be late, you can even get fired for it and in Uganda it is merely a suggestion.  Nothing is ever on time.

His response, "We joke that it is because you all are really 8 years behind us and we are just waiting on you to catch up."

I had never heard that before and laughed so hard.

Now it all makes sense.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. I literally just "grabbed" my heart to see my good friend Ivan in the new photo at the top! He is doing SO well now! I'm so proud of him! Seeing that picture may have just made my night :)

    1. Ivan is a great kid. I am happy that he got a chance and he is doing well.


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