Sunday, June 12, 2011

Day 6

Today made the whole week worth it but it didn't start out that way....

I woke up to Gina cooking food with the boys.  I was a little bitter and annoyed by this seeing as how I wasn't going to get to eat.  So I decided to stay in my room most of the morning.  As if that was tempting enough, I got home from taking Richard to the hospital(He is fine, just has ear infection) and lunch was waiting on the table.  I was really ready to give in.  It is amazing how much you think about food when you can't eat.

We went to the market afterwards and you would have thought I was buying food for 50 people, not 15.  Gina just kept looking at me funny as I was taking more and more vegetables.  My stomach was doing the shopping...

We decided to visit one of the uncles and cook for him and the boys he stays with.  We bought spaghetti which is a huge treat for the boys.  What was supposed to be a simple evening hanging out, turned into one of the best nights I have had in Uganda.  The uncle has about 7/8 other boys staying with him these days.  In addition to the 3 that were already there.  When we got to his house everyone was around and ready to help.  Soon other boys from the program started showing up.  His door is always open and the boys from the street will come by to visit, say hello, take a nap, etc.  We ended up with around 20 people in all.  Me, Gina, 3 uncles, 2 of my boys, and 12 others.  Dinner became a group project and everyone did something from washing vegetables, chopping, cooking.  We had so much fun cooking.  The kids love to help and it isn't something that they get to experience too often.  We had so much food (thanks to my hungry stomach ;-) and all of the boys had more than enough.  As we were listening to the uncle share from the Bible after dinner, the boys got the super special treat of tea also.

Dan was there, which made me super happy.  He is absolutely adorable to me and each day I am loving him even more.  He used to be a quiet kid that wouldn't get too close.  But these days, he has started hanging around more and more.  We now play around by saying the same thing over and over to each other.  I will greet him over and over and eventually it will just leave us laughing.

One of the best things of the night was the boys' gratitude.  Besides each boy saying thank you like 5 times, several got up in front of everyone to say thank you.  The boys are so humble and so grateful for the smallest things, it makes me want to give them the moon.  One boy, Peter, told us thank you because they are going to sleep with full stomachs tonight and that doesn't happen very much.

Again my hope was restored tonight.  When it was time to pray, each kid prayed and for some it was obvious that they were praying with all of their hearts.  They believe in the God that I love and worship and believe that He will deliver them from their situation.  Seeing them with hope, gives me so much more....

God bless!! :-)

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